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Connect, Communicate and Create memories with family and friends

Keeping up with the pace at which technology is evolving, we bring a user-friendly and highly advanced app to connect you with your friends & family.

Project Overview:

A private secure Family app - Thodi Baat, where you can message anyone, audio call or video call anyone and it comes with Private Mode with a lot of features.

Our next-gen messaging revolution with an easy, safe, secure, and instant reliable messaging app by Sunflowee Biztech. Our App Development Team is skilled and experienced in working with such Messaging Apps, concerning all the problems and making it easy to use.

As we all know, convenient apps are always appreciated; so, we designed appealing web and mobile applications for our Mobile Users, with vital insights that help businesses and their clients make data-driven actions.


Bring and present all these information in such a way that is engaging yet easily understandable was indeed a challenge for us. But we were happy to serve such a great purpose of giving importance to mental health for our client. Finding retreats and hence wanted a detailed map view with the grid view. So book your experience today as experiences live with you and are unforgettable.


● Building a secure app with a trusted monetization model and Best functionalities with eyecatching UI.
● Creating a messaging app that is a successful result of our client's decisions who wanted to eradicate all problems like security, private and easy sharing media in a single platform.
● Designing the app to make it stand out from bigger competitions


● Our designers created appealing graphics and made it visually elegant.
● To tackle the concerns of safety with the Messaging Platform, our pro team of development specialists built a variety of security procedures.
● Our Creative team created the app in order to conform to the required quality standards. We produced a detailed document list that protected all of the points and circumstances, as well as blueprints and Diagrams.
● We stood out from the competition with our excellent design and accessibility and took it to the next level since this idea had the ability to grow and have a future.


● HD audio-video calls
● Stories & status updates
● Highly safe & secure
● Personalised stickers
● Vanish Mode


We Hold Expertise in the following Platforms.

React Native
Swift IOS

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