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Zipp with your community, friends, people you know, interesting people, or those who are popular.

Project Overview:

Zipplign is designed to inspire, engage, motivate, and entertain you. Invite your Family/Friends and start a Zipplign trend. Trends thrive in this environment! Zipp with your community, friends, people you know, interesting people, or those who are popular.

There's a Zipplign for everyone, whether you like singing, dancing or other types of enjoyment and creative expression. Simply view the Zipp video, then engage the Zipp clips that spark your interest by producing your tweaking Content. That's how style evolves!


Bring and present all these information in such a way that is engaging yet easily understandable was indeed a challenge for us. But we were happy to serve such a great purpose of giving importance to mental health for our client. Finding retreats and hence wanted a detailed map view with the grid view. So book your experience today as experiences live with you and are unforgettable.


● Developing safe software with a trusted and simple mechanism for such a fun platform with a better quality selection.
● Cater to the expectations of users to constantly find new filters and features to make their content better.
● To make it a more fun and youth-quakey destination than a lot of other internet networking sites along with a secure popular social environment.


● Inbuilt Detection of screenshot or screen record algorithm.
● Quick and easy to learn process of making short video Apps.
● Constant upgradation and addition of new stickers, filters and trends.
● Algorithm to suggest videos based on previously watched.



We Hold Expertise in the following Platforms.

React Native
Swift IOS

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