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Seamless car service experience at the convenience of a tap!

Wheel-o-Clean is your go to app for all the hassles that come connected to the servicing of your vehicle.

Project Overview:

Wheel-o-Clean is your go to app for all the hassles that come connected to the servicing of your vehicle. It stimulates the work of car workshops and provides you with all your car's needs, such as repairing faults, maintenance, and spare parts.

Our app connects the customer to the service provider. The customer requests to fix the car with images and the interested service provider will send a quotation to complete that service. The application will help to level the field for the repair shops as well as for customers. We strongly believe on quality that leads to our success. Whether you need a quick wash and wax or a full detail, you can trust us to meet your needs every time.


Bring and present all these information in such a way that is engaging yet easily understandable was indeed a challenge for us. But we were happy to serve such a great purpose of giving importance to mental health for our client. Finding retreats and hence wanted a detailed map view with the grid view. So book your experience today as experiences live with you and are unforgettable.


● Standing out from the competition by offering a variety of new features for a car service app.
● Designing the app in a way that it excited the user to came back again and enjoy using the app to reduce any shift from our app to others.
● During development time, we discussed with the client regularly for new changes and requirements. As per the client's demand to change in functionality was difficult as we need to change the whole thing from app design to API calling and database entry that is already implemented earlier.


● Our team added features like setting reminders by mileage or date by incorporating an algorithm which tracks the mileage and kilometers travelled for your vehicle to schedule your next service or maintenance.
● By including an attractive UI, we offered our users the highly customizable screens feature which gives them the freedom to change their screen lookout.
● We overcame the problem of managing changes in developed functionality after proper discussion with the team and implemented client demand in the way that changes can do efficiently. And in the future, if any more changes will come, we able to do it very quickly.


● Service reminders
● Distance setting
● Voice Input
● Smooth communication
● Track your Trips
● Verified service providers
● Rating and Reviews
● Easy Navigation
● Quick support


We Hold Expertise in the following Platforms.

React Native
Swift IOS

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