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There's nothing like the taste of a true home-cooked buffet.

Project Overview:

Next Door Kitchen is a platform and service for local, home-cooked meal delivery. They are focused on offering budding chefs the opportunity to share their enthusiasm with their neighbours in addition to helping bring community members closer together.

An Australian-based website where you can empower your community to thrive since someone is constantly cooking somewhere. The Next Door Kitchen was aimed to give you a homely feel with home-cooked meal.


Bring and present all these information in such a way that is engaging yet easily understandable was indeed a challenge for us. But we were happy to serve such a great purpose of giving importance to mental health for our client. Finding retreats and hence wanted a detailed map view with the grid view. So book your experience today as experiences live with you and are unforgettable.


● Creating a platform for three different stakeholders to work effortlessly.
● Not every chef is encouraged enough to entrust someone with your fledgling business. On the other side, some individuals may have little resources to work with; the problem is to create people's trust and develop a helping community for their income.
● The biggest challenge is that the software service of Next-Door kitchen - for homecooked food delivery is not well-known for home chefs. So, they also need to be aware of Next Door Kitchen.
● Since it is a local, home cooked food-based app, clearing the quality concerns of people who are ordering is our utmost duty which acted as a challenge.


● Next Door Kitchen is the best platform for those who are unsure where to begin and have no reliable resources to help their firm expand. So, to build the trusted resource, We made three different portals.
● One portal was for home chefs to log in and register themselves who are ready and willing to take orders in their respective areas. And Another portal was for users who are logging in to order food from nearby homemade food from our home chefs.
● The third portal was for delivery drivers who are joining to help the home-chef community in 5 easy simple steps.
● Most importantly, each of our chefs must clear a robust approval process to guarantee the food we serve to our clients is produced fresh, prepared in a clean atmosphere, and cooked with the best ingredients.


● Home Cooked Food
● Fresh Meals near you
● Growing local Community
● Custom Menu Options
● Craving Satisfied with just one click
● Boost the income of home chefs
● Easy Delivering Choices


We Hold Expertise in the following Platforms.

React Native
Swift IOS

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