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Project Overview:

Do you have concerns related to the health of your family members? Do you want your family to be healthy and free of any major illnesses? Of course, Everyone does. But how?

With Medizoc, you can! It is an on-demand application that allows users to consult with experts and make appointments for all major and minor diseases where you can consult our healthcare experts. This app is a competitive match healthcare solution in India, bringing health and technology on a single platform. In the present era, this is one of the basic necessities which saves time and convenience for working professionals


● Doctors can talk to various patients on the same platform.
From the perspective of doctors, client wanted a platform where they can talk to patients through single source and thus their data maintenance issue would be resolved.
● Queue management for patients
Client wanted to make a systematic way of consultation where there is no disorder and everything runs smoothly both for doctors and patient. Doctors don’t have to manage a chaos and neither patients would need to waste their time.
● Live chat with doctors
This was an additional feature which client wanted to add for easy reachability and convenience of both doctors and patient.


● Encountering a situation where inactive specialists are listed which causes inconvenience to patients.
● To develop a safe, secure, and reliable online healthcare platform that can be accessed from anywhere in India.
● Getting Certified Partners, creating delivery options of medicines, 24*7 on chat or call Facility by Experts.
● To provide contributing factors, such as hospital and doctor locations close to them, as well as records of recent consultations.


● Admin Dashboard where inactive patients/ Active Patients or Active Doctors/ Inactive Doctors are visible. Manually Accept or Decline Doctor’s Request by the Admin
● Looking after and controlling the monetization model via Transactions happening between users and Health Experts.
● With chat-bots, 24*7 chat support is provided.
● Our development team managed this task by integrating Google Map, where they fetch locations and draw an entire route to patient's address

Medizoc – Patient App

● Signup With The Basic Details.
● Login Using Email And Password.
● Forget Password.
● Create And Edit A Patient Profile.
● Map Integration For The Location Purpose.
● Appointment Booking.
● Chat Between A Doctor And The Patient.
● Ratings To Doctors.
● View list of Booked, Canceled, And Completed Appointments.
● Notification is sent to the patient to accept and cancel the appointment and the service's start and end.

Medizoc – Doctor App

● Login.
● Change And Update Availability Status.
● Tracking Doctor's Latest Location.
● One To One Chat With Patients.
● Create And View Doctor's Profile.
● View Monthly Earnings.
● View Ratings given by Patients.
● Pop-Up To Enable Mobile Location For An Appointment Booking.
● Integration Of Calendar For Scheduling An Appointment.
● Notification Of Acceptance And Declination Of The Patinet's Request.

Dashboard Management:
● Manage The Total Number Of Doctors And Patients.
● Admin Will Be Able To Get The Total No Of Free, Busy, And Unavailable Doctors From The App.
Patient Management:
● View, Edit, And Delete Customers.
● Active/Inactive Patients.
Doctor Management:
● View, Edit, And Delete Doctors.
● Active/Inactive Doctors.
● Manually Approve Or Disapprove Each Doctor's Request.
Service Module:
● View, Edit, And Delete Services In The App.
● State Management (Price Management As Per The State).
Notifications Module:
● Admin Gets Notified When A New Doctor Registers In The App.
● Active/Inactive Doctors.
Control The Amount Percentage To Be Transferred In Administrator


On the whole this is an app which is user friendly, time saving and extremely useful to people. This app will solve many problem of today’s scenario of going to hospitals, communication gap and time saving for both doctors and patients. This app is for doctors and patients’ convenience and to make their connection easy and effective.


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Other Features

● Virtual Queue Management System
● Live Voice Chat/Video Chat with experts
● Book an Appointment with your nearest Hospital
● Generating E-prescription
● Your preference of doctors
● 24*7 Available Support
● Easy to Use Application


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