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Find a Tribe who matches your Vibe.

Blink Wink is a place where people explore each other, connect and sustain better friendships breaking the barrier of being far away.

Project Overview:

Blink wink is a mobile application that connects individuals in your immediate vicinity. Simple, Modern, and not-your-basic application that works with a nearby location. Wherever you go, make new friends.

Blink Wink is a place where people explore each other, connect and sustain better friendships breaking the barrier of being far away. The software facilitates communication with each other in real-time.


Bring and present all these information in such a way that is engaging yet easily understandable was indeed a challenge for us. But we were happy to serve such a great purpose of giving importance to mental health for our client. Finding retreats and hence wanted a detailed map view with the grid view. So book your experience today as experiences live with you and are unforgettable.


● Making the buzz real, in spite of the competition, was challenging. Our App will always stand out and with the premium quality of services, there will be no hurdle for making new friends.
● As per the app scenario, we have to integrate real-time chat. But to handle real-time chat was the biggest challenge for our developers. After some team discussion, we resolved with the help of Firebase Firestore and in a single one to one chat.
● Covid-19 Pandemic acted as a hurdle for new friendships. To overcome the rules, the challenge was to provide video chatting online for staying connected with your friends or loved ones.
● Location acted as a barrier for making friends. People who are on the move do not have someone to talk to or rely upon.


● Our experienced team meticulously built the simple, eye-catching software app, which is both compelling and easy to use.
● Your phone can be used for much more than comparing yourself to internet strangers, and it might even be the key to meeting new people and forming new friendships.
● Our app helps you make friends after moving to ease the adjustment and broaden your social network.
● With location management, you can also find people nearby which allows you to chat and helps you socialise with friends around you.
● BlinkWink links you with your preferences and makes it easy for you to find friends online based on your common interests.


Do awesome things on the Blinkwink app

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We Hold Expertise in the following Platforms.

React Native
Swift IOS

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